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How to get your Real Estate License

Do you already have a full-time career but you want to dabble in real estate on the side?

Do you want to start investing in real estate on your own without having to use an agent?

Are you ready for a career change with more control over you time and your schedule?

Is it time to go all in on a real estate career because it’s something you’ve already always dreamed about?

This is where you start

Step 1

Reach Out to Us!

We will save you time, energy and hassle by steering you through the process and helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Email us and tell us that you are interested in getting your Real Estate License. Or you can fill out the form below

Step 2

Sign up for a real estate pre-licensing course

We have identified three Pre-Licensing courses that we really like. Reach out to us for our top three courses that will give you the best results when it comes time to take the Licensing Exam.

Step 3

Take the Real Estate Licensing Exams

Once you have completed the pre-licensing course it is time to take the exam.

The great thing about contacting us early in the process is that if you are confused about anything in the pre-licensing course, we will be able to help. So if you are a unsure about a topic our team can help you work through it and give you confidence to Ace the exam!

Step 4

Join a Real Estate Company

This might be the most important step, not all real estate companies offer the same amount of training. In fact most will not have a training program at all! This means that a new agents must go it alone and figure out everything themselves. Which could take years and years.

You must sign up with a company that has systems and processes in place to take a new agent from “Getting their license” to closing sales and a full pipeline of clients in a short period of time. The more complete the training program, the more likely a new agent will have a long successful career.

Erik Hoferer & Associates has always emphasized training, because having the most knowledgeable agents results in a better customer experience for our clients. Training and onboarding agents is so important to Erik & the team

Fill out the form or email us to learn more about the benefits and advantages of joining the team at Erik Hoferer & Associates.